We supply two broad series of covers:
- BB series is a flat, rectangular shape (bag), with a rubber band on the top side,
- NB series whose shape resembles shower hat.
In both of these the opening is equiped with a rubber band, which fixes it to the device. Covers are made of clear polyethylene with a thickness of 0.04 mm. The width of the rubber band is 5mm.
We produce the following types of covers. In case the dimensions do not meet your requirements, we are able to customize the size of the covers to your needs.
It is also possible to equip the covers with adhesive tapes.

Serie BB

BB 7080 Device Cover Flat, 70x80cm 200 ks/krt
BB 7575 Device Cover Flat, 75x75cm 200 ks/krt
BB 7590 Device Cover Flat, 75x90cm 200 ks/krt
BB 80150 Device Cover Flat, 80x150cm 150 ks/krt
BB 8590 Device Cover Flat, 85x90cm 200 ks/krt
BB 90100 Device Cover Flat, 90x100cm 200 ks/krt
BB 90160 Device Cover Flat, 90x160cm 100 ks/krt
BB 120150 Device Cover Flat, 120x150cm 150 ks/krt
BB 12075 Device Cover Flat, 120x75cm 200 ks/krt
BB 150100 Device Cover Flat, 150x100cm 100 ks/krt


BB-NOS Series

A specific type of the BB covers are the X-ray covers with a shaped end, NOS. We offer these in the following sizes:

BB 7080-NOS X-ray Cover 70x80cm flat and shaped 200 ks/krt
BB 70100-NOS X-ray Cover 70x100cm flat and shaped 200 ks/krt
BB 80100-NOS X-ray Cover 80x100cm flat and shaped 200 ks/krt
BB 8085-NOS X-ray Cover 80x85cm flat and shaped 200 ks/krt

Serie NB

NB 5060 Device cover 50x60cm 500 ks/krt
NB 60120 Device cover 60x120cm 200 ks/krt
NB 6585 Device cover 65x85cm 300 ks/krt
NB 8585 Device cover 85x85cm 300 ks/krt
NB8595 Device cover 85x95cm 300 ks/krt
NB 9595-S Device cover 95x95cm 400 ks/krt
NB 90100 Device cover 90x100cm 300 ks/krt
NB 105105 Device cover 105x105cm 200 ks/krt
NB 120120 Device cover 120x120cm 150 ks/krt
NB 140140 Device cover 140x140cm 150 ks/krt
NB 100120 Device cover 100x120cm 150 ks/krt
NB 180200 Device cover 180x200cm 100 ks/krt
NB 7040-S Device cover 70x40cm 200 ks/krt
NB 7080-S Device cover 70x80cm 100 ks/krt