The camera covers are long sleeves, made of polyethylene foil with a thickness of 0.04mm. They are used as a protective cover for cameras, probes, sensors, or tubes, thus forming a barier to prevent contamination in the surgical room. Anotex offers the NK-K 14250 COMFORT type with a small piece of cardboard, but it is possible to modify the length or the end of the cover (see below). The length of the sleeve can be adjusted to the needs of the client. Two adhesive tapes fix the cover in the correct position throughout the operation.


NK-K 14250 Camera Cover COMFORT 14x250cm 400 ks/krt
NKAB 14250-4 Camera Cover  14x250cm 400 ks/krt
NK-K 14300 Camera Cover COMFORT 14x300cm 400 ks/krt
NK-U 14100 Probes Cover 14x100cm 400 ks/krt
NK-U 14125 Probes Cover 14x125cm 500 ks/krt
NK-CR 95245-PL C-Arm Cover 95x245cm, with a ruber band 50 ks/krt
NK-S 0740-PD Probes Cover 7x40cm 200 ks/krt
NK 30250 Camera Cover 30x250cm, without cartboard 200 ks/krt