What we do

The main production of Anotex includes X-ray and probe covers, covers for camera systems designed to prevent contamination of the surgical environment and different types of collection pouches and pockets for collecting fluids during surgical procedures.

The above products are available in a wide range of modifications and variations. In the case of specific client requirements, our equipment allows us to customize the product to exactly meet the specified requirements.

Most of our production goes to the market as part of wider surgical sets, so the products leave the premises of the company in a non-sterile form for further processing. If the customer wishes to receive a fully sterile product, we can arrange for our distributor to sterileze the products prior to delivery.


Our company was founded in 1998. The focus has been on manufacturing products made of polyethylene since the beginning, but we’ve increased the variety of products offered substantially. An important step in the development of the company was the acquisition of the European certifications ISO 13485 and EN 9001 in 2009. At the same time we defended the certification mark for our products, which opened the European market for us.

In 2011 we upgraded our production facilities to meet the new stricter standards requiring clean manufacturing facilies. This enabled us to expand our production line and offer a greater variety of products. We’re constantly trying to improve our facilities and products to accomodate the needs of our clients.

Our Clients

We cooperate with individual clinics as well as the major distributors of medical supplies on the market. Our main client is PANEP, Ltd., which incorporates our products into their operational sets intended for both the Czech and the foreign market. Our philosophy is to satisfy the needs of our clients in terms of quality and fast delivery, but also to maintain good business relations and mutual loyalty.